Resource Loading (Man Hours / Crew Hours)

Our team of Construction experts can resource load your schedule by labor hours or by Crew hours to forecast staffing levels and identify when the project has exceeded the allowable resource limits. This secondary step allows for greater control especially on larger projects with multiple crews per trade. This labor analysis provides a greater level of control identify because it can identify when the schedule has over-extended its’ resources; there are too many activities of one specified trade occurring at the same time.

The success of your project is impacted by costs and production levels. Cost and productions are one in the same when considering job-site production, as one increases so does the other. By resource loading a schedule, visual and quantitative data can be analyzed for viability. Overextending your production levels is a last resort as this could mean the project has fallen behind schedule or money in the project is being neglected. By utilizing our consultant’s expertise, the proper information will be consolidated and validated on your behalf leading to the timely completion of your project.  Resources will be managed based on resource availability, capacity and the overall project scope.

Benefits of Resource Loading a Schedule

By Resource loading a schedule the benefits are:

  • Organized project that can more easily analyzed
  • Defined scope of work
  • Assign crews to tasks / assign work load
  • Track expected project revenue
  • More accurate estimates
  • Actualized data analysis