Schedule Updating for Contractors

Our team of Schedulers work closely with Superintendents and Project Managers to accurately update the Schedule to reflect actual progress in the field.  Our time-tested update process steam-lines Pay Applications and quickly identifies any pressing issues that need resolution.

Depending on the magnitude and complexity of the project, we can update the schedule monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or in some cases daily.

Planned Durations are compared to Actual Durations so our clients can quickly identify any resource deficiencies that may be impacting the project.  Logic changes and acceleration strategies must be done accurately and in most cases sparingly.  For example, reducing the Planned Durations of future activities must be commensurate with the previously achieved productivity rates (quantity of work completed / time).  Otherwise additional resources or longer work weeks are needed to justify shorter durations.   

Most contractors understand the value of a professional and precise cost estimate because it has a major impact on the profitability of the project.  The schedule is equally important because Liquidated Damages and extended General Conditions costs can quickly wipe out the profits or even cost the Contractor more than the value of the project.  Furthermore, a late finish can result with a poor past performance rating which can limit a Contractor’s ability to procure future work.  In some cases, the late finish isn’t even the fault of the Contractor.  Poor scheduling and lack of proper project management can severely limit a Contractor’s ability to justify valid delays for additional time and or cost.  Utilizing our services can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Things to Consider when Updating the Schedule

  • Are the specification requirements met?
  • Do the actual or as-built dates align with the project records?
  • Are the planned durations being achieved? If not which crews are not meeting the planned timelines?
  • Are there any outstanding issues that are delaying the project?
  • Are all issues detailed in the schedule narrative?