What if Something Happens that You Don’t Plan For?

Good question. The answer… plan for it.

You probably wouldn’t immediately think of The Art of War as a guide to construction scheduling, but take a look at this quote:

“Victory belongs to the side
That scores most
In the temple of calculations
before battle.”

Another way of translating that is: “Success belongs to the construction manager who solves as many potential problems as possible before beginning construction.”

So, when employing Primavera™ software to take on the hundreds of tasks associated with your next project, utilize the hypothetical scenarios options in order to plan for as many “what ifs” as possible.

As construction scheduling consultants, we know the phrase “anything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong” far too well. While in most scenarios, not everything goes wrong, a lot of stuff does. People make mistakes, it rains, chaos ensues, etc.

Don’t let chaos ruin your project. Plan for every scenario possible and you’ll be sure to succeed. That’s how wars, lawsuits and football games are won and it can be how you complete your projects on time.