Upgrade Energy Management Control Units in Bldg 1 Durham VA Medical Center

Project Details:

Location: Durham, Virginia


General Scope of Project:

The project included Upgrading Energy Management Controls and Air Terminal Units for Building 1 as required by the drawings and specifications. Upgrade will likewise address deficiencies in HVAC control system, space pressurization, security, accessibility, support services and facilities, workflow, and building services.

Precision’s Services:

Precision provided forensic scheduling consulting services to assist with the Equitable Adjustment Consultant Services for the Upgrade Energy Management Control Units in Bldg 1 located at the Durham VA Medical Center. Precision reviewed all documentation that the Contractor submitted with their Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA) and assisted the Government with reviewing and requesting (through discovery) all necessary documentation needed for an effective defense.  Beginning the forensic investigation each claim was analyzed to determine merit. An independent time impact analysis was conducted based on a reasonable baseline as-planned schedule and a VA observed as-built that is supported by the contemporaneous construction documents. A fair and reasonable estimate of damages (if any) that are due to the Contractor, from Owner-caused critical path delays, cost impacts, or inefficiencies.  Precision’s analysis included a thorough review and evaluation of all contract modifications, change orders, Supplemental Agreements, and Requests for Information. Interviews were conducted with key VA personnel. A formal statement of Precision’s findings was developed and provided to the Contracting Officer with an overall summary of Precision’s key findings.