Renovate/Expand Surgical Center Bldg1 VAMC project

Project Details:

Location: Fayetteville, NC


General Scope of Project: The project consisted of renovation and expansion to Surgical Building #1 at the VA Medical Center located at Fayetteville, NC.  

Precision’s Services:

Precision provided forensic scheduling consulting services to assist with the evaluation of schedules and claims analysis on the K1506 – Renovate/Expand Surgical Center Bldg1 VAMC project.

Beginning the schedule evaluation and time impact analysis, Precision reviewed the contractor’s schedules, established / verified a reasonable as-planned schedule, developed an as-built schedule, developed time-scaled summary and prepared summary time impact analysis indicating the major delay events affecting the project. Continuing the analysis, the findings from the time impact analysis and evaluation of entitlement was used to evaluate the contractor’s alleged claims to compare already established time impacts. An expert narrative report was developed to document Precision’s findings and the evaluation of the contractor’s alleged claims. With the information gathered from the forensic analysis a calculation and verification of the contractor’s general condition costs were evaluated with use of the Eichleay formula. Findings were presented to the VA to aid in the evaluation of claims on the project.