Government Construction Scheduling, Schedule Reviews & Project Controls

The best method of resolving potential delay claims is to address the issues as they arise during the project.  Our schedule analysis and project controls services provide our Government agencies with a time-tested method of tracking progress and quickly identifying and resolving issues quickly which greatly reduces the likelihood of delay claims.  Additionally, progress is accurately tracked and any contractor delays are clearly identified and recorded.

Government Construction Scheduling Services

Proposed Modifications Time impact Analysis

Proposed Modifications are evaluated based on the submitted Time impact Analysis Fragnets.  This ensures that if there is a valid time extension, it will be a fair and reasonable amount.

Progress and Earned Value Tracking

By consistently tracking monthly progress and any necessary schedule changes, the Contractor’s performance and earned value can be accurately tracked.  This will provide the Government with an accurate assessment of the overall health of the project.  It also prevents the Contractors from being overpaid in relation to the amount of work that was actually performed.

Our services include:

  1. Track the overall health of the project.
  2. Allow for a fair and reasonable assessment of proposed modifications.
  3. Verify that progress payments are commensurate with the amount of work performed (Earned Value).
  4. Provide recommendations to get late projects back on-schedule.
  5. Prevent frivolous claims.
  6. Provide historic information about contractor’s past performances.

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Recent and current Government Projects:

  • VA Connecticut Healthcare System – VA West Haven Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – Providing Contractor Schedule Reviews / Forensic Schedule Analysis for Delay Claims.
  • Air Force Civil Engineer Center CFSD located at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. Providing on-going Contractor Schedule Reviews and Analysis including: Time Impact Schedules, Delay Claims, Modification Schedules, Baseline Schedules, and Schedule Updates.  This program oversees nearly all Petroleum and Fuels projects managed by the US Airforce located at different bases throughout the world.