Delay Claims & Forensic Schedule Analysis

Most construction projects encounter delays at one time or another.  Delays can be attributed to many different reasons including: changes in scope, defective designs, adverse weather conditions, unforeseen site conditions, lack of labor/resources, and over allocating resources to name a few. Precision Scheduling Consultants LLC specializes in forensic schedule analysis to identify and analyze the controlling delays that caused the project to slip.

Our delay claims assessments will provide our client with a professional third party Analysis that clearly represents the cause and effect of all delays encountered to the project.  We can get to the root of the problem and diagnose what really went wrong. We’ll clearly identify delay events, quantify any time that was lost, and calculate accurate damages associated with the delays.  Additionally, our team of experts can provide an accurate analysis of loss of productivity/efficiency caused by disruptions to the flow of work on the project.

Forensic Schedule Analysis Services for Medical Center Construction Project

Precision Scheduling Consultants LLC is headquartered in Texas although we have provided forensic schedule analysis for contractors, government agencies, property owners, and more all over the country and in various other parts of the world. We utilize cutting-edge technical tools combined our own real-world experience and knowledge of the construction industry to perform forensic schedule delay analysis.

The best method of resolving delays is to address them during the construction process by implementing the appropriate remediation measures. Sometimes projects can recover lost time and get back on schedule, but when that is not possible, a full forensic investigation is necessary.  In either case we can evaluate your project and customize our Project Controls services and Forensic Analysis services to fit your needs. Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients resolve any outstanding issues by performing fair and reasonable evaluation.

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