Construction Schedule Updating – Owners

In some cases, a Contractor will not follow their own schedule and use it as an effective management tool.  Preferable, a list of deficiencies with corrective measures is sent to the Contractor so their updates are accurate.   If the schedule updates are riddled with changes and the Contractor cannot or will not adhere CPM scheduling programto the contractual requirements or industry practices, Owners may elect to develop their own schedule updates so they can effectively track the progress of the project.   This may require a new rebaseline schedule if the Contractor’s baseline schedule is not acceptable.  The level of detail for an Owner’s schedule should not exceed the level that can be efficiently monitored through on-site inspections.  The new forecasted durations should be based on the productivity rates that have been demonstrated in the field by the Contractor.  Sequencing should follow the same general plan of the Contractor while corrections are made to obvious errors.

Our team of CPM scheduling experts provide a wide array of Schedule Analysis services and reports for Owners and Construction Manager Agents. Our reports include but are not limited to:

• Schedule Adherence to Contract SpecificationsConstruction Schedule Updating for owners
• Productivity Analysis
• Performance Assessments
• Schedule Adherence to Industry Standards
• Sequencing Concerns
• Resource Allocation
• Earned Value Assessments

Precision assists owners and stakeholders in construction schedule updating to properly plan and orchestrate a successful project.