Construction Schedule Development – Contractors

Our highly skilled team of professional schedulers work closely with Superintendents and Project Managers to develop a precise plan of execution known as the Baseline or As-planned Schedule, which is highly customized to meet the Project’s requirements and the management techniques of the Project Manager.  Many construction schedulers in the industry have a moderate to high skill level regarding the technical applications and scheduling software but lack construction experience and construction planning skills.  This is what separates Precision from our competitors.  Many of our scheduling consultants were Project Mangers before they became technical scheduling experts. 

We offer a few recommendations to consider when developing and maintaining a construction schedule:

  • Original planned durations should be calculated by multiplying the crew’s productivity rates by the quantity of work per activity. Productivity rates should be based on historical data, preferably the same crews for the same type of work.  These durations should always be calculated and not sized to fit.
  • Calendars are an important part of the planning process. Work days, non-working days, holidays, and anticipated weather days should be accounted for in the schedule’s calendars.  Non-working winter periods should always be in the program’s calendar.  We recommend also using a fixed activity that is not tied to anything just for visual purposes.
  • Project schedules are living documents, that need to be maintained and updated to reflect the current situation in the field. Daily Logs and other contemporaneous records should all align with the schedule. This on-site information is important for owners and stakeholders to make informed decisions.