Construction Schedule Acceleration – Contractors

When you have a schedule that has fallen behind, the correct course of action is critical to regain lost time and meet the Completion date.   You may need additional crews, resources, overtime, a revised sequencing plan, or all of the above.  Our team of experts can help determine the most efficient methods to accelerate the project.

Construction Project Scheduling Acceleration & Consultants in Dallas Ft Worth

Assigning additional resources to a project for lost time can become very expensive depending on the number of crews and resources you are allocating. Expediting a project should be done after taking into consideration the risk difference of accepting Liquidated Damages or lost revenue. By utilizing Precision team of scheduling professionals an informed course of action can be implemented to best mitigate project issues.

Importance of Construction Schedule Accelerating:

  • Increase work to regain lost time
  • Limit Liquidated Damages (LD’s)
  • Build and maintain work relationships
  • Maintain good reputation
  • Complete project according to the project’s agreement