5 Tips: Hiring a Good Consulting Firm

Consultants are beneficial and plentiful across every field and industry. However, no two, three or four consulting firms are equal.  Firms may offer competitive prices or project knowledge, but no firms provide the same team dynamic and experience. Consultants possess the possibility of business growth but can hinder goals if not properly orchestrating their services. When searching for a suitable firm to assist you and your business, keep the following five tips in mind.

Team Experience

Each firm has their own team of individual training, knowledge, and expertise. It is not uncommon to have various employees with varying specializations in the same atmosphere of their field. For example, there is a team of developers, one department may specialize in multi-family while the other focuses on industrial. Having a diverse team of consultants, with well-met accreditations is favorable. This allows leeway for company expansion and exploration into other industries.

Review Their Success and Portfolio

A credible consulting firm always showcases their portfolio and project success on their website. Review their past projects to confirm they align with what you are seeking to be assisted with. If given, review the consultants: education, certifications, specializations, and total project costs assisted with. Firms in good standing will also list their clientele. If needed, reference similar clients with whom they have stated.


What is the goal of their firm? What is their mantra and foundations of ethics/ morals? This should be outlined on their website or LinkedIn for reference. If not, add this to your list of topics to discuss. As stated previously, no two firms are similar. There is good business and there is bad business. Bad business entails greed of monetary value or a possible lackluster work ethic. Find a firm that shares equal passions and thrives on the assistance and success of their clients.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication is essential in business. Converse adequate prices, turnaround time, their approach, and what you can expect. Whatever is relevant to your success and goals, relay your concerns to the firm. Remember this is their specialty, and their success is your success. Come to terms on how you both can succeed together. Hiring a consultant is essentially adding a highly motivated player to your team. Together you will maximize efficiency and streamline the process to your goals.

Be Available

If you send an inquiry and get a call back, make the time to establish this relationship. It is a two-way street; they cannot help you if you never consolidate or solidify your position. If you have sent several inquiries and receive several calls—keep your options open. Give the firm adequate time to relay their proposals, guides or pamphlets. Depending on what you are seeking out from the firm, be available throughout the entire process. They may require documents, approvals, confirmation or your assistance on pertinent topics. To maximize their efficiency, be available and set meeting times that coordinate with your schedule.

At Precision Scheduling Consultants, we designate our time, resources, and expertise to our clients. Our team entails a mastery of a variety of construction scheduling projects and delay claims. Our project accomplishments include: Aerospace, Commercial, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Industrial, K-12 Education, Power, Residential and Transit.