3 Things to Keep in Mind during Construction

You could be in a plethora of situations: you own a business and are building a new location for operations, you took out a loan on a new business opportunity and are constructing a base of operations, your adding onto your current building for more room—but what do you do in the meantime?

Sadly, along with construction scheduling, hiring contractors and the endless wait to project completion, you still have work to do. Here are some things to keep in mind as a business owner:

1 – Advertise – You need to market your new location or business. Whether you hang a poster saying “Future Location of *Your Business Name*” or start an internet marketing campaign, you have to get people excited about your new business.

2 – Rally Investors – Building a new location for your business isn’t a bad way to rope in some new investors. You probably already have plenty, but more can’t hurt and the potential in your new location could convince anyone that your company has some good things going for it.

3 – Train New Employees – If you’re building in order to support more employees, that means you’ll soon have new people who will need training. Consider renting an office or setting aside space in your current location to train new employees and hit the ground running once the construction project is complete!