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Construction Daily Logs: Your First Line of Defense for Claims Avoidance

One of the most important document that is maintained during the construction process is the Daily Logs. Unfortunately, this is often one of the most overlooked and incomplete record of documents. Daily Logs can act as a contemporaneous historic record of the entire project. This is very important for all projects since it can be… Read more »

Deadly Sins of Construction Scheduling – Part 1: Level of Detail and Incomplete Logic

There are many rules, requirements, guidelines, and legal precedents for Construction Scheduling practice. This article summarizes some of the most common errors that I have seen throughout my career as a Scheduler, Schedule Analyst / Reviewer, and Claims Expert. 1) Level of Detail: a schedule that is not detailed enough offers limited usefulness in tracking… Read more »

Understanding the Basics of Project Scheduling

Let’s make the word “basics” in the title of this post as prominent as possible. “Project Scheduling” – the term includes two words. If you don’t know what a project is, then you don’t really have a reason to know about project scheduling. If you do know and have a project, then the scheduling part… Read more »

Principles to apply from the Presidential Debate to Construction Management

While you may not see last night’s Presidential Debate as a learning experience for construction managers, you can actually apply a few principles to CPM scheduling. So, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, here are some takeaways from last night: prioritize and plan for setbacks. In prioritization, you’ll see that both candidates… Read more »

Important CPM Scheduling Considerations

In CPM scheduling, every task has a relationship with every other task. One way to identify a task’s relationship with another is with the “Start/Finish” label. There are four variations of this relationship, and they go as follows: Finish to Start – In this case, the next task cannot begin until the first task is… Read more »

What if Something Happens that You Don’t Plan For?

Good question. The answer… plan for it. You probably wouldn’t immediately think of The Art of War as a guide to construction scheduling, but take a look at this quote: “Victory belongs to the side That scores most In the temple of calculations before battle.” Another way of translating that is: “Success belongs to the… Read more »

3 Things to Keep in Mind during Construction

You could be in a plethora of situations: you own a business and are building a new location for operations, you took out a loan on a new business opportunity and are constructing a base of operations, your adding onto your current building for more room—but what do you do in the meantime? Sadly, along… Read more »

Effectiveness of Overtime in Construction Scheduling

The use of overtime as an effective construction schedule acceleration strategy is often looked at as a simple means to add hours to the workweek and shorten activity durations. To achieve the desired results, the long-term effects of overtime must be identified and analyzed before implementing an overtime acceleration plan. Productivity can dramatically drop after… Read more »

Heuristics in Construction Scheduling

Plenty of industries and areas of study develop and implement heuristics in order to optimize work flow, scheduling, etc. In construction scheduling, we employ the critical path method of scheduling, which is basically a heuristic method to predicting the punctual success of various projects. But, if you do even a very limited amount of reading… Read more »

Easy CPM – Understanding the Basics of the Critical Path Method

To understand anything complex, one must first understand something simple. That’s a basic fact. After all, if you can’t understand the sentence “Dogs bark,” how can you understand the past several sentences, this entire post or a novel? The “Dogs bark” example offers a great lens to understanding the easiest way to form a sentence,… Read more »

Announcement: Energy / Fuels Scheduling Capabilities

Precision Scheduling Consultant is pleased to announce that we now have officially opened our Energy / Fuels Scheduling Capability. We offer construction scheduling services and construction schedule analysis / reviews for a wide variety of Energy / Fuels projects.